Radio Rental Accessories - Speaker Mic

Remote Speaker Microphones

Product Features:

Allow the user to talk and listen without removing the radio from the belt, case, or charger.  Ideal for high noise level environments.  This water resistant compact unit has a coiled cord, PTT (push to talk) switch and back cover clip.


Radio Rental Accessories - High Noise Double Muff

High Noise Double Muff Headset

Product Features:

Noise-cancelling headsets with boom microphone.  Ideal for two-way communications in extremely noisy environments.  The PTT (push to talk) button is conveniently located on the earcup.  Colors: Chrome or Black


Radio Rental Accessories - Single Charger

Single Rapid Charger

Product Features:

120V Rapid Rate Single Intellicharger.  Rapidly charges batteries on or off the radio in one hour.


Radio Rental Accessories - Two Wire Surveillance Kit

Two Wire Surveillance Kit

Product Features:

Low profile and discreet communications accessory with earpiece and lapel mic.


Radio Rental Accessories - Lightweight Headset

Lightweight Headset

Product Features:

Lightweight headset with boom microphone and in-line PTT allows for high clarity discreet two-way communications while adding the comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments.


Radio Rental Accessories - 6 Unit Rapid Charger

6 Unit Rapid Charger

Product Features:

120V Six-Unit Rapid Rate Charger.  Multi-unit chargers can rapidly charge batteries on or off the radio in one hour.