Frequently Ask Questions


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When I request a rental quote online, what happens next?

When your quote request is received, we will prepare a rental quote and send an email containing instructions and the rental quote proposal as a PDF Attachment. If additional information is needed regarding your request, we will contact you by email or phone. If you prefer to speak with our rental staff, please call 1-888-660-5029, business hours Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm MST.

I am happy with my quote, what are the next steps to complete my rental order?

To complete your order, please email/fax the signed and completed paperwork (Billing Address, Shipping & Pickup Addresses, Credit Card Authorization Form) to your account manager 480-946-1471. We will be in touch to review and confirm the details of your rental order.

Large quantity rental, special requests, or expedited order needed?

Please give us a call 1-888-660-5029 to speak with our Rental Manager. We can provide expertise and assistance to ensure the best service for your event.

Do you provide on-site services? (On-site assistance with distribution and inventory management)

Yes we can provide on-site staffing at a competitive rate.




Which radio will be best for my coverage needs? What is the talk distance of the radio equipment? What factors affect radio coverage?

Brief radio descriptions are provided on the website page “Radios”. Please give us a call 1-888-660-5029 if you need assistance in choosing a radio model. Coverage is always based upon the location and infrastructure surrounding your event site. Indoor radio coverage is affected by the infrastructure of the building. Outdoor coverage is affected by the terrain and foliage, factors such as hills can dramatically affect radio communications. Repeaters can assist in larger coverage areas. For even greater distance coverage, the Sprint Push to Talk is a great rental option.

Do you rent Intrinsically Safe radios?

Yes, we have an inventory of intrinsically safe radios, batteries, and accessories for hazardous environments.

What radio brands do you offer?

We primarily use Motorola two-way radios, Low Cost Privately Branded, and Sprint Nextel radios.

How many channels do your radios have?

Majority of our radios are 16 channels. Digital radios can be programmed up to 32 channels.

Do you offer custom programming? Can you program radios to speak with our existing repeater?

Yes, custom programming is provided at no additional charge. We can also program specific channels to be private within the radio group. Say you’re managing a Festival and need a ‘Private Finance’ channel, we can do this. Also, we can program radios to speak with your existing repeater (UHF only).

What accessories are available for rental?

Speaker Microphones, Lightweight Headsets, 2-wire Surveillance Kits, High Noise Single & Double Muff Headsets. More information on accessories here.

What equipment is included in the rental order at no additional charge?

Spare batteries and Charging stations are provided at no additional cost. The amount of spare batteries provided will be 40-50% of the total number of radios rented. Charging stations will be provided. In special circumstances it may be determined to have less charging stations if the customer needs to save money on shipping. In the event you anticipate needing additional spare batteries or charging stations please include a note in your quote request or reach out to your Account Manager.

What is a Repeater?

A repeater is a piece of equipment that extends radio coverage. The radio is programmed to speak to the repeater and the repeater relays the signal to the other radios. On-site systems often require the use of a repeater to increase the range and capability of portable radios.  A repeater may be the answer to your coverage problems. The placement of the repeater is crucial to increase the radio talk coverage.  Multi-story buildings or sites with hills & foliage are covered more thoroughly when the repeater is placed in a central location at the highest point possible. The building’s construction, number of floors, and the presence of steel and concrete determine coverage range.

Do I need a FCC license to rent from you?

No, we are licensed through the FCC with nationwide frequencies that are programmed into your radios.



If a deposit is required for the rental, how does the security deposit work?

Payment terms are determined at the discretion of USA Radio Rentals. The deposit amount and payment terms are noted on the rental contract paperwork. The authorized credit card on-file will be charged before shipment. Within 24-48 hours of receiving the return shipment (not including weekends & holidays), the remaining refund amount will be submitted to the credit card company. The appropriate USA Radio Account Manager will email the point of contact a final invoice receipt noting the rental amount and refund amount submitted. Any additional questions, please reach out to an Account Manager.

Who do I contact if I do not recognize charges on my credit card bill?

Call us at 1-888-660-5029; please have the transaction date and charge amount available so we can assist you. Charges will appear on your bill as “Valley Wide Communications”. Please call our office and speak to a manager before making a claim to your credit card company. Charges are easy to identify, invoices and receipts can easily be provided and worked out. Once a claim is made, it is very difficult for us to honor any discretionary refunds and we will have to revert to the terms and conditions of the signed contract.



Once I fax/email my completed rental agreement and credit card authorization forms, what happens next?

Our rental staff will contact you to review your reservation and finalize details such as radio labels and programming options. After the rental is finalized the order will be prepped and shipped on the date identified on the Rental Paperwork. The point of contact will receive a FedEx shipment confirmation email including tracking information. Upon receiving the equipment (rental order) the customer is responsible for making sure everything is in working order. If there is a problem with the equipment, the customer needs to reach out to their Account Manager or contact the office directly within 24 hours upon receiving the equipment.

My shipment arrived and it appears to be missing equipment.

Immediately contact your Account Manager or the office directly 1-888-660-5029.

I received the equipment and it is not working properly.

Within 24 hours of receiving the equipment contact your Account Manager or the office directly 1-888-660-5029.

What number should I call if I have a question or problem with my order?

For urgent requests please call 1-888-660-5029, Account Managers are available by phone or email.

Can I keep my rental equipment longer?

We request that you call before the end of your rental to request an extension so we can adjust the rental and account for on-hand inventory.

Do you provide 24/7 support?

Yes, please call 1-888-660-5029 for 24/7 support. After regular business hours, please provide a detailed message and an Account Manager will return your call promptly.



If the return shipping label provided is faded or lost who should I contact?

For urgent requests please call our office directly 1-888-660-5029. Please be proactive in this regard, as the equipment needs to be picked up on schedule. After regular business hours, please provide a detailed message and an Account Manager will answer your request promptly.

What is the return shipping procedure?

Return shipment materials are provided in a large, white envelope included in the shipment crate. A return sticky label, zip-ties, packing instructions, and FedEx Pick-up Printout are included. As a courtesy to our customers we schedule a FedEx pickup for the location you provided on the rental paperwork. Pick-up details are emailed to the point of contact and provided in the envelope. Should you have any questions or changes for your Return Shipment FedEx Pickup please immediately contact your Account Manager. Please note, you are responsible for making sure the equipment is picked up by FedEx.

I am unavailable for the FedEx Pickup for the return shipment, can I drop-off the crates at a FedEx location?

Please contact your Account Manager, they will cancel the scheduled pickup. You can drop-off the crates at an authorized FedEx Ground – Office – Express location. Please note, you are responsible for making sure the crates are scanned in by FedEx.