Two Way Radio Rental Services-Testing


Equipment Tested

We test every piece of equipment before shipment to ensure you will be ready to hit the ground running once the equipment is delivered. We are constantly testing our batteries to provide radios you can depend on.


Custom Labeling

Labels provide simple and concise information to help eliminate confusion, improve inventory control and organize your Event. The customized label can show the event name, department, group or individual names, assigned radio number, and channel information. All labels are custom designed to your requirements.

Two Way Radio Rentals-Labeling

Two Way Radio Rentals- Inventory


Inventory Control

Our Inventory Control Sheets make it easy for you to keep track of the rental equipment.  Serial numbers from the rental agreement are listed on the sheet by radio number. This makes it easy to assign radios to your staff, but still track who has which serial number.


Specialized Shipping Container

Rental equipment is shipped in custom containers designed to protect the equipment during transit and provide additional inventory control. Every radio has a slot, making it easy to see if you are missing any units. All equipment is shipped to you fully charged and ready to use.

Two Way Radio Rentals-Specialized Shipping Container

Two Way Radio Rentals- Support Documents


Support Documents

Included in your shipment is an envelope that consists of:  Rental Agreement, Inventory Control Sheets, Return Shipping Labels with FedEx pickup information. USA Radio Rentals goes the extra step to take the hassle out of renting radios.


Onsite Services

While you focus on your event, we can be on-site to facilitate coordination and last-minute problem-solving. This includes set-up, coordinate sign-out and check-in of equipment, and make any last minute programming changes, if needed. We bring tools, additional labels, extra inventory control sheets, and spare equipment to address various unexpected needs.

Two Way Radio Rental Services Events